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Social Enterprise & Business Law

FPLG's experienced corporate attorneys understand how social entrepreneurs and business owners think.

FPLG has the strategic experience to help entrepreneurs structure and launch their businesses. Our experienced business attorneys will guide you through the many obstacles faced by new enterprises, ensuring the smoothest possible launch ensuring you start with the best possible foundation.

Social entrepreneurs are unique; they seek to harness the power of commerce and enterprise to make a huge impact in our world. FPLG understands this non-traditional way of thinking, and we have experience assisting hundreds of social entrepreneurs establish their businesses.

Outside General Counsel

We are able to provide immediate and responsive legal counsel, with specific expertise in guiding a social enterprise throughout every phase of its operational life-cycle through our Outside General Counsel service. We can assist your organization every step of the way, whatever legal question or issue you may face.

Benefit Corporations

Benefit Corporations are the most often used tool to create a business with long term mission and purpose alignment. FPLG has specific expertise in advising and structuring Benefit Corporations in order to create the most flexibility when evaluating potential sale and liquidity options, and preparing businesses to lead a mission-driven life post-IPO.

Social Purpose Corporations

Social Purpose Corporations are an alternative corporate form, which provides a structural and statutory option to entrepreneurs who want to combine profitability with broader social and environmental objectives, but with as much flexibility as possible. FPLG understands Social Purpose Corporations, and when an entrepreneur may wish to select this entity type in lieu of a Benefit Corporation.

Limited Liability Companies

Limited Liability Companies are one of the most flexible business structures, and can be extremely useful when structuring subsidiaries, joint-ventures, and property holding companies. FPLG has experience evaluating the best jurisdiction to establish an LLC, as well as setting up these types of entities to meet our clients’ needs.

Employment & Human Resources

One of the biggest areas of risk for any business is with their workers. From the challenge of proper classification, to wage and hour claims or discrimination actions, employers have a challenging landscape to navigate. FPLG attorneys can help your enterprise draft employee manuals, draft employment or independent contractor agreements, and advise you on specific state and local regulations you need to follow.

Commercial Co-Ventures & Cause Related Marketing

Social entrepreneurs often find their purpose driven businesses will eventually partner with nonprofit organizations as part of their strategic impact and marketing initiatives. Because of the work we do with nonprofit organizations, FPLG has the expertise to navigate this highly regulated area of the law to ensure social entrepreneurs do not run afoul of charity regulators and attorneys general.

Contract Drafting

As any business grows, the need for various contracts grows as well. Just to start, your business will likely need service, licensing, lease, non-disclosure, confidentiality and other agreements. FPLG can assist you with any type of contract needed, as you expand and grow your enterprise.

Tax Planning & Preparation

It’s critical for any business to engage in practical tax planning, ensuring the various credits, exceptions, and benefits of owning a business are maximized. FPLG’s tax practice has the expertise to assist your enterprise successfully implement the best possible tax planning, and then ensure timely and accurate tax filing.


FPLG helped me with my S-Corp formation in 2019. They made the entire process smooth and efficient, with minimal stress. They set up everything I needed to take the reins and move forward. I highly recommend For Purpose Law Group!

Sonia Luckey, Founder & President
The Nightingale Way

For Purpose Law is amazing, we have been doing business with them for over 10 years now and they just get it done and done well. We have used their litigation services with Matt Learned as well as their general business law services and I honestly can not imagine using another law firm. Every situation they have handled has been exemplary and the outcomes have been amazing. Thank you For Purpose Law and Matt we absolutely appreciate you!

Andy Seeley, CEO
Creatively Disruptive

May was absolutely brilliant, incredibly knowledgeable, amazingly insightful. I was so impressed with her consultation. She is an absolute professional!

Noelle Hallman, Founder
Fund Your Future

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