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Social Entrepreneur

You have a great business idea, but you wish to leverage that idea to also make an impact that improves the environment, your community, your workforce, and the world. You want to start a social enterprise.

You have options; but those options can be confusing and a bit contradictory. FPLG understands exactly where you are coming from and what you want to do. Our purpose is to help you reach your goals and objectives.

Structural Options

The primary corporate forms available to you as a social entrepreneur are Benefit Corporations and Social Purpose Corporations. An additional form, called an L3C (or low-profit, limited liability company) is also available. FPLG has a dedicated group of experienced attorneys knowledgeable about the specific, and very unique, requirements of these all available corporate forms for social entrepreneurs.

Choice in Jurisdiction

The state in which you establish your social enterprise is as important as the structural form, or entity type, you choose. As a social entrepreneur, you should consider the best jurisdiction for equity investment, regulation schemes, and statutory framework. FPLG’s Attorneys can help you decide where to start, based on your specific goals.

Funding & Growth

It’s often confusing to understand and develop an appropriate strategy for raising capital. FPLG’s Attorneys can assist your business in drafting the legal documents necessary to raise capital for your enterprise, including subscription agreements, investor questionnaires, risk disclosures, and shareholders agreement.

Intellectual Property Protection

When a business begins, and as it grows, an understanding of how best to protect your intellectual property rights becomes critically important. Rights to be evaluated and protected include trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, and patents. FPLG Attorneys can assist you in determining when to apply for registration of these rights with both federal and state agencies.

Employment & Human Resources

Employment related conflicts are one of the largest areas of risk for any employer. The more detailed and memorialized your enterprise’s manuals, contracts, and human resource materials are, the less likely you are to face a labor related action, from either an employee or from state regulators. FPLG’s Attorneys can help you with all your employment related documents, policies, procedures and contracts.


After a thorough review of multiple law firms, I decided to work with For Purpose Law on incorporating my Benefit Corporation and Trademark Search... they have been incredibly diligent, insightful and thoughtful through the entire process.

Lara Vu Founder & CEO
Blue Dot Rising, Inc.

May was absolutely brilliant, incredibly knowledgeable, amazingly insightful. I was so impressed with her consultation. She is an absolute professional!

Noelle Hallman Founder
Fund Your Future

For Purpose Law is amazing, we have been doing business with them for over 10 years now and they just get it done and done well. We have used their litigation services with Matt Learned as well as their general business law services and I honestly can not imagine using another law firm. Every situation they have handled has been exemplary and the outcomes have been amazing. Thank you For Purpose Law and Matt we absolutely appreciate you!

Andy Seeley CEO
Creatively Disruptive

Why Clients Choose FPLG

Our Focus: Purpose Driven

FPLG focuses solely on providing legal counsel to purpose driven enterprises, including nonprofit organizations, benefit and social purpose corporations, and individual philanthropists dedicated to improving our communities.

Our Profession: Expert Guidance

FPLG’s team of professionals provide relevant, timely and proactive legal expertise to our clients, in an area where most attorneys do not focus, ensuring they have the best possible information and guidance at their fingertips.

Our Mission: Exemplary Service

FPLG is dedicated to providing client service at a level rarely experienced with traditional attorneys or law firms. Our clients are doing exceptional, purposeful work.; FPLG can do no less.

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Nonprofit & Tax Exempt Organizations

FPLG’s nonprofit attorneys have honed an extensive knowledge of the complex legal, tax and operational challenges facing nonprofit leaders every day.

Social Enterprise & Business Law

FPLG's experienced corporate attorneys also hold MBAs, and they understand how social entrepreneurs and business owners think.

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